Big Data

Big print needs big planning, and big preparation too. Driving large format needs strong kit, tight skills and robust processes to support the quick turnarounds and product variety it can offer.

And that’s where Agfa’s Apogee can help. It makes for a quicker, slicker and more streamlined pre-press approach, which can be used across both small and large format applications. Almost a data hub for the pre-press function, Apogee allows for a more streamlined workflow, using a single engine to drive all output, and its ability to integrate with other business information systems can remove some duplicated manual keying – enabling quicker turnarounds and reducing errors.

See how Agfa work below:

Using the web approval functionality within Apogee can also mean an enhanced customer experience – giving faster, automated access to proofs and approval responses which fire directly into the system, moving jobs on to the next step in the process without needing hands on staff contact. The proof customers see is the file that’s going down onto press, so there’s no surprises later down the line. It also means fewer emails which, let’s face it, we can all get on board with.

By automating some of the pre-press process, Apogee can provide a platform for processing more jobs more quickly, increasing throughput and reducing turnaround times, making us and our customers even happier.

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