If you had one extra day to really make a difference what would you do?

Well guess what this month you have exactly that….

When we speak to marketers most tell us that the thing that keeps them up at night is how they can manage the multitude of daily tasks in front of them whilst adding creativity and innovation to their latest campaign or project, because after all it couldn’t be easier to keep coming with new ideas!!! –(note that last sentence was written with a hint of sarcasm by a marketeer!!)

So why not use that extra day this month to look at automating some of those time hungry, energy sapping tasks freeing up your time to focus on the things that really make a difference.

Here at ProCo we’ve got a team of in house experts as well as a number of external partners who have years of experience supporting marketing professionals to automate their online and offline marketing activity and couple that with our White Room Innovation and Creativity experience and you could really save time and add innovation into all your marcomms activities.


And if that’s not good enough here’s 5 things you could do on your extra day;


Good things to Do

  • Declutter. You’ve heard the saying tidy desk, tidy mind…

  • Say No.. and if you cant say no.. say not yet!

  • Change your scenery – take yourself away somewhere different to work – its amazing what a change of scenery can do

  • Focus – list the 3 things you have to achieve today (we call them our big rocks!)

  • Zone your time.. set yourself time zones for specific tasks and set an alarm to tell you when to move on to the next.


Alternatively... (not going to save you time in the long run but might give you some short terms happiness – just for a bit of fun)

  • Bring your pet to work – everyone loves it when the office pet comes in

  • Make hot chocolate for the team with cream and marshmallows – might not save time today but it will definitely make people like you more and they might be more likely to help you when you need it!

  • Sing your favourite song as loud as you can on your way to work (who cares what the passengers on the bus next to you think)

  • Organise a “fuddle” – which is “Northern speak” for everyone bringing in food to make a buffet!

  • Dress up as your favourite superhero… you know what they say, dress for the job you want not the job you have!


If you want to save time and focus on the stuff that counts give us a call and we’ll be happy to help (especially if you make us hot chocolate!!)

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