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Covid-19 Message From Our CEO



Firstly I want to say thanks for your continued support during this unprecedented time.


As a business, we have always made sure that we not only work hard and play hard but also that we work fair and play fair. This is true both in supporting our amazing customer base but also in the care and wellbeing of our superb team.


This period is testing all of us and finding the right balance between welfare for our people and support for our clients is challenging to say the least. We believe we are doing everything we can however to get this balance right and so I wanted to let you know that we are taking our responsibilities very seriously.


We have ensured all roles that can be carried out at home are being carried out at home. We have removed all non-essential contact and travel. We have ensured the workforce are being cared for and supported financially.


It is however a fact that some of our roles can only be done in the factory. So this unfortunately does require essential travel for some key workers but we have again tried to minimise the impact. All measures will be put in place to ensure their health and wellbeing when on site.


ProCo will remain open at this time so we will continue to have a level of production capabilities to ensure we can deliver your business critical applications until we are directed by the government to cease doing so.


If this changes due to government legislation, personnel safety or business difficulties I will inform you all immediately.


Thanks again for your continued support.


Stay safe. Jon

Published 24/03/2020