The Bright Lights Of Digital Display

We’ve all seen them. The bright lights of digital displays, increasing in number and popping up on our high streets, at the station, by the side of the road – but this opportunity to reach our customers at what could be a crucial time is now even bigger. At nearly 12m wide and almost 3m high, the digital 96-sheet can help to put your message across in a seriously big way.

2014 saw the UK total spend on outdoor advertising break the £1 billion mark for the first time, a quarter of which was made up of digital posters and billboards.


A Big Opportunity

In fact, Samsung’s UK retail digital signage survey said that 84% of UK retailers saw digital signage as an “opportunity to significantly raise brand awareness”. So as brands look for more creative ways to engage their audiences, and technology allows for tighter channel integration, it’s possible to target digital outdoor advertising more closely than before. 

A great example is Seiko’s recent Basel world campaign at Heathrow Airport, which could specify exactly where and when to show its adverts on the digital screens around terminals 2 and 5. It opted for gate area screens for all flights departing for Basel or Zurich, using language-specific copy tailored to different airlines. This meant no waste, and really personalised content, specific to their target audience. 

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Clever Stuff

And with the rise of programmatic advertising, brands and agencies can optimise location, timings and copy in a real-time environment, maximising relevance for consumers. Another area of huge opportunity is to combine mobile data with programmatic purchasing – by using information gathered from app usage, wearable tech and browsing habits, brands can gather more intelligence about out of home ad performance than ever before.

Get Noticed

In a Rich Media Technologies study 63% of people said digital signage attracts their attention, which is somewhat at odds with the theory that we’re reaching digital communication saturation point. But this gives brands some work to do around the creative. Particularly with a screen the size of a digital 96-sheet. The visual needs to translate to the space, be memorable and interesting in a short space of time. But, perhaps crucially, this needs to integrate with mobile technology to increase the opportunity for consumers to act immediately and in a way that’s trackable.

Know Your Audience

But this isn’t just true of digital out of home. Growth in the use of printed out of home media is also accelerating, and measurability has had a part to play here too. GPRS, camera mounting, WiFi hotspots, beacon technology and connected substrates all mean marketers can use this media to learn more about their audiences as well as influence the all-important path to purchase.

As is true in small format, print still provides the deeper, more emotional connection than can be achieved through digital – and it’s one of the reasons we’re seeing such growth in out of home generally. The very concept of out of home is that it interacts physically with our real world experiences, and technological applications are now enabling us to evidence its appeal and impact.

The world of digital out of home display has the potential to be really exciting for brands and for media owners, and we can be sure to see some brilliant applications on the digital 96-sheet format and beyond too.

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