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Our education box set training courses are designed so you can dip in and out – bingeing on the whole series if you like or just focusing on the bits that are relevant for you.

Our knowledge series takes you from the basics of print right up to the infinite possibilities of the future. It’s a great overview of modern print, its applications and the capabilities of the technology, materials and skills required to make magic happen. You can get the lowdown on all the episodes right here. 

#1 Know Your Sh*et

The basics of print

A humdinger of a pilot! Whether you’re looking for a basic understanding of modern print technology and its applications or you simply want a refresher on what you might already know, Know Your Sh*et takes you on a journey through the history and science of print.

You will learn:

  • What the different print production methods are and how they work

  • How a job is processed from beginning to end

  • What you’ll need to brief a print job effectively – meaning a more efficient job

  • Some rules to bear in mind when designing for print

  • How finishing and packaging can contribute to the entire product experience

Practical examples and great case studies are sure to inspire your own creativity and help you apply what you’ve learned in your own industry space.

This one’s for you if you’re new to print, in a junior marketing or design role or if you’ve just forgotten what you already knew about print!

#2 Making Magic Happen

Bringing ideas to life

With a deeper dive into print processes than in Know Your Sh*et, Making Magic Happen focuses more specifically on litho and digital print. Stunning special effects, exciting substrates, and specialist products will show you the endless possibilities of modern print technology and how to apply them in your world. You’ll get to see all the key locations with a tour of our cutting edge facilities and factory, and possibly even operate a press.

You will learn:

  • Which methods of print to use, when and why

  • Specific design considerations for both methods of production

  • The responsibilities of the customer and the printer

  • How print can help you to find new and exciting ways to engage your customer

  • The capabilities of modern print technology that mean more cost-effective projects and increased ROI

This one’s for you if you’re in a marketing or design role and want to know more about the specifics of litho and digital printing and how to create impact with your marketing print. It’s also valuable if you work in print and you want to understand more about the capabilities of modern print technology and how it can help your customers achieve their objectives.

#3 Engaging The Senses

The customer connection connection

Introducing more plot lines into the mix through integrated campaigns, Engaging The Senses covers the whole process from planning, segmentation, targeting and channel selection right through to joining up multiple campaigns. It’s an emotional rollercoaster using brain scanning tech to discover how we respond to different types of communication, real life examples from different industries, and experiential opportunities.

You will learn:

  • The basics of campaign planning

  • How personalisation, individual conversations, and automation are changing the world of marketing

  • Considerations for channel selection

  • The importance of knowing your customer

  • How to build your own customer journey

  • How print fits in and can augment a wider multichannel campaign

This one’s for you if you’re in a middle-level marketing or design role and want to know more about incorporating print into a wider marketing strategy. Its also great for those who work in print and want to understand the bigger picture from your customer’s perspective and get more insight into how other channels can support the print projects you’re working on.

#4 Keeping Print Relevant

Now and in future

In a sort of predictable but still exciting fashion, the last part of our knowledge series takes a look at the future of print. Covering return on investment, the latest technologies and applications. Keeping Print Relevant will give you a feel for what’s to come in our industry. A printed electronics workshop and a closer look at 3D printing demonstrate how you can make your marketing even more interactive.

You will learn:

  • How print can contribute to increasing the ROI of your campaign

  • The capabilities of modern print including 3D printing, direct to shape and immersive print

  • How to choose and use the right content for different applications

  • How other brands are using these applications

  • Ways to add value through print

This one’s for you if you’re a marketer or designer looking for new ways to engage with customers, or if you work in print and want to keep up to date with new trends and developments within the industry.


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