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Don’t have time to attend class room training courses but want to learn about the power of print?

Then why not register to use ProCos unique online training portal SparkMarks.

SparkMarks is a series of online modules created for anyone who wants to understand how print works and how to use it to achieve your marketing objectives.

There are 4 courses to complete, each course having a number of lessons and modules which need to be completed before moving on the next course.

You can complete as much or as little of the course each time you access the portal, giving you the freedom to complete your training at a convenient time for you.

Course 1

Know Your Sh*et (Processes)

An introduction to different print processes from litho to digital, screen printing to web offset.

You’ll learn:

•    The evolution of print methods
•    The different print processes and how they work
•    The pros and cons of each print process


Course 2

Know Your Sh*et (Production)

A more detailed understanding of print to ensure you get the best possible output.

You’ll learn:

•    How Print jobs are processed from beginning to end
•    Some pointers to bear in mind when creating files for print
•    Quality management, how to ensure you get the best possible print output
•    How finishing and packaging can add to the product experience

Course 3

Making Magic Happen

The more you understand about print the easier it is to create the best possible marketing pieces from campaign planning to specialist effects to give your marketing output that extra special spark.

You’ll learn:

•    The basics of campaign planning and briefing
•    Design considerations for print
•    Specialist effects

Course 4

Keeping Print Relevant

Take a look at the future of print, looking at emerging technologies, helping you to keep up to date with the latest trends and developments within the industry

You’ll learn;

•    How print can contribute to increasing ROI
•    The capabilities of 3D printing, direct to shape and immersive print
•    How to choose the right content for the different applications
•    More ways to add value through print

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