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Personalisation has a lot of clout in the market. 94% of companies agree that personalisation is “critical to current and future success” (Econsultancy and Monetate). We know that harnessing the power of personalisation can cement the relationship between company and consumer.

Today’s consumers are savvy. They can spot a generic sales message in a sea of information, they’ve also experienced the now familiar name slotted into a piece of marketing material. Just adding in a customer’s first name is no longer enough. Don’t you agree?

And we’ve got myriad ways to take personalisation to the next level which is made possible by our technology. Research shows there’s a greater emotional connection when it’s facilitated by physical material rather than by virtual material (DMA) – print, rather than digital. We can engage customers’ senses by using both print and digital platforms.

The power of personalisation can build emotional engagement. It can build trust, turning a poor experience into a great one. It can demonstrate empathy achieving an understanding of the customer’s circumstances and expectations.

The result for those brands who get it right can be startling. KPMG Nunwood (the customer experience experts) recently stated in their Customer Experience Excellence Centre 2015 UK Analysis: “A brand is no longer a marketing confection, sustained by persuasive advertising. Rather, a brand is what a brand does. It’s what customers experience”.

The power of personalisation can have a positive and equally negative effect on the customer experience as with most things – there’s a right and wrong way to do it. As KPMG Nunwood have found, in reality the modern customer uses channels situationally, not exclusively. They want to be able to move easily between modes of engagement, without having to repeat details or enter the same information. They are looking for a consistent, personalised experience, regardless of the combination of channels they use to achieve an objective.


“A brand is no longer a marketing confection, sustained by persuasive advertising. Rather, a brand is what a brand does. It’s what customers experience”.


How a personalised experience can drive an emotional connection is shown really clearly in the personalisation of children’s books. Behind The Magic Door are beautiful personalised books created by a company called Between the Lines Books. They take children on an adventure to discover the letters of their name, with each letter defining their story. Behind the magic door, each child will meet a collection of colourful characters. This is a brilliant example of weaving the digital and the printed worlds together perfectly for the consumer.

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