Partnerships & Collaborations

We believe that working with other companies and organisations helps us to offer a better experience for our customers, opens up opportunities for development for our team and makes the industries we work in better and more successful. It also gives us loads of ideas and we’re all about ideas.

Here’s some organisations that we work with.





BPIF (British Printing Industry Federation)

We’ve been a member of the BPIF as long as we can remember and we love the team there who offer us loads of support and resources. We work alongside BPIF on lots of projects for example in early 2019 Jon spoke at their "Apprentice Week" event to help encourage young talent into our industry.

Click here to learn more about BPIF


Dscoop is the worlds largest digital print and design community, with over 8,000 members and growing. As one of the founding members of Dscoop, Jon sits on their global board and helps to guide Dscoop and its future direction.

Being a member of Dscoop gives us access to the latest thinking, technology and innovation in the Digital Printing world which helps us offer that something extra to our clients in terms of adding value and innovation.

Click here to learn more about Dscoop

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce

We’re proud of our history and our roots in the Steel City and if its the people that make a business then it’s the “Yorkshire” in our team that makes us ProCo! 

As a proud Sheffield business we’re a member of the Chamber of Commerce and you’ll see one or two of our team at their networking events, exhibitions and socials.

Click here to learn more about Sheffield Chamber of Commerce

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