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It’s a well-known fact that companies with a dedicated innovation team are 12% more profitable. But who has the time or the budget for that?

Not only that, the space or resource to create the perfect environment to develop marketing ideas is difficult to come by, let alone having the right blend of team education, application understanding and digital print execution know how. It can feel a bit like you’re on the edge of marketing oblivion. 

That’s where ProCo SPARK comes in.

We’ll take you through the latest print and marketing technologies, new applications and what’s in store for the future to help you hit the ground running.

There’s a lot to learn. The key is knowing where to start.

The world of printed marketing is a rapidly changing environment. New customer trends, new channels, new technologies, new methods…the list is endless. 
Add to this the speed of change and the increased competition and you begin to understand the pressure on modern day marketers to be the expert in their field is a huge challenge.

At ProCo SPARK, you can take full advantage of our network of partners, experts, lecturers, print gurus, data geeks, workflow champions (and even our customers!) to make sure you and your team are up to date with the very latest ideas and technology available to your industry.

Whether it’s an awayday for your team, a dip into our first education box set, a personal training day or one of our unique White Room Experiences, everything you need is in one place to learn, experience digital print technology, and understand all of the surrounding complementary services.

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